Summer might be the season most readily associated with a caravan holiday, but to many, spring can actually be the most enjoyable time to go away. A spring caravan holiday makes sense on a number of levels, and in this blog, we are going to tell you why. So read on…

Wildlife awakens

Summer is all well and good, but in spring you might enjoy more of the wildlife you like, rather than that which you don’t. We are referring to the joyful presence of rural arrivals such as baby lambs in the fields, and the absence of pests such as midges which are more prevalent during the summer. And then there are the birds, which come out in force when nesting season starts in March. Whether you are a hiker, bird watcher or simply want to witness the countryside coming to life, a spring caravan holiday can be your best bet.

Off-peak perks

In general, caravan parks can be less full during the spring. That means there are plenty of fellow caravanners around to have a chat with, but not so many that you can feel the presence of the crowds. Having the pick of the caravan park also has its advantages, giving you more choice on location. If you value your peace and quiet, but still appreciate the presence of other holidaymakers, spring could be an ideal time to getaway.

An injection of colour

It isn’t just the animals which come to life in spring. Trees are coming into bloom, while plants such as daffodils shoot up to paint the landscape with colour. These kind of flowers are typically only visible for a short time of the year, so don’t miss them! Whether it is a misty fresh morning or a hazy afternoon, explore the area surrounding the caravan park and be on the scene as the Great British countryside begins to transform.

Make it a date

If you have children, you can find that springtime in the UK represents two golden opportunities to get away for a caravan holiday. Firstly, there are the Easter holidays in April, which can provide a heavenly fortnight to let the kids expend some energy while you catch up on some rest and relaxation. Then there are the May half-term holidays, that offer a shorter, but no less welcome break. And if work doesn’t permit a longer stay, there are also several spring Bank Holidays to choose from.

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